Where have the sterols and stanols gone?

I need help. Today I was putting the final touches on the update of Functional Foods Part 2: Fermented Foods and Macronutrients (RD86). While I was double checking a list of foods with added stanols and sterols to make sure they are still available from the manufacturer, I found many in the list were not. So I searched the internet for a list of foods that have added sterols and stanols and to my disbelief, I could not find one. What I did find was information on the heart health benefits, which are many. When it came to the foods containing stanols and sterols, websites were vauge, saying you can find stanols and sterols added to margarines, oils, salad dressings, breads, yogurts but no specific food name nor a manufacturer. That got me wondering if the addition of stanols and sterols to food was just a fad or if food companies found they could not make money off of these products. I am not sure of the answer to that question. What do you think? Here is how you can help. If you know of a product that contains added sterols and stanols, please post the name of the food and the manufacturer below in the comments. I will take your input, compile the list and post it on NutritionDimension.com for anyone looking for something to share with clients. Thanks for your help!