How to Really Make 2019 A Healthier Year

By Julie Stefanski MEd, RDN, CSSD, LDN, CDE If you’re someone that likes to make lists, you may already have an inventory of changes you’re going to make in the new year. We’re curious though, how did your resolutions for this year turn out? A big round of applause if you followed through and made changes to improve your health.  For many of you though, thoughts didn’t turn into actions or perhaps those new choices didn’t stuck around past March. Whether it was losing weight, stopping smoking, or even getting a new job, why didn’t you reach your goals?  To help you out, we turned to health and nutrition experts for the best ways to improve your success in getting healthier during 2019. “Ditch the vague resolutions of ‘lose weight’ or ‘save money,’” recommends Lindsey McCoy, RD, CSSD. “Instead, start thinking on the small scale; so small you might almost think ‘why bother?’ Because our health is a reflection of the small choices we make every single day, ask yourself ‘What step can I take within the next 48 hours?’ Drinking just one extra glass of water a day adds up to almost half a gallon at the end of the week. Likewise, walking an extra lap around your office building at lunch could add up to 2-3 miles. These small choices amount to a big impact on your health.” Set Yourself Up for Success Zach Cordell, MS, RDN suggests focusing on where the change is most sustainable, “Examine how your faith and culture influences your dietary behaviors, for good or bad.  If you have Sunday dinner with your family after church and you’re choosing to stay away from all fried foods, and that’s all [...]