Gluten-free diet counseling resources

Counseling people who are trying to live gluten-free is no easy task. Simple questions are so much more complicated than they appear on the surface. Foods that have been touted as gluten free in the past have been found to contain more than the 20ppm limit necessary to be called gluten free. Tricia Thompson, MS, RD started Gluten Free Watchdog and the Gluten Free Dietitian to help both professionals and consumers navigate a gluten free diet. Gluten Free Watchdog was started to test consumer products for gluten content, since it is so difficult to determine if some foods are safe, as there is so much contamination of foods with gluten. The Gluten Free Watchdog has a special report "Is Barley-Based 'Gluten-Removed' Beer Safe for People with Celiac Disease?" posted on the website. For those of you unfamiliar with this type of beer, an example is Omission beer, brewed in Oregon. After reading the report, would you recommend it to your clients or family members? Do you have a favorite gluten-free blog to share? Please let us know!