Dale Kline, MS, RD, LD

As I write this, it is hot outside my home in southern Oregon. One hundred degrees to be exact, with smoke in the air from nearby forest fires. All I can think about is the bounty of food available locally, what this heat wave means to the crops and the impact on availability and prices.

I should be thinking about and reading nutrition-related journals, newsletters and blogs to help me stay current on the latest nutrition-related news and studies. I also should be editing the nutrition-related courses to keep Nutrition Dimension customers up-to-date. Then, I got to thinking about how food is my job and how I love to cook. I bet many of you do, too.

Most weekends you will find me at local farmers markets and produce stands where I go crazy buying so much produce that bowls full of vibrant-colored and nourishing veggies and fruit take up all of my available counter and refrigerator space. The fresh produce’s colors are amazing and so are the flavors. It is a joy to cook with such fresh ingredients and make delectable dishes.

With these thoughts in mind, I decided to take a break from serious topics that have been the theme of past editions and instead focus on eating, which is the best part of what nutritionists help people do. My nickname for this edition of the magazine is “The Joy of Eating,” in celebration of food and why so many of us became dietitians and nutrition professionals in the first place. We love to eat and share our passion for food with others.

It was hard to determine which articles to include in the magazine as there were so many great topics available. I picked content I hope you find enjoyable to read, that you could use yourselves and also share with clients and patients. Nutrition411.com has so much more on the topics of cooking, shopping for food, eating, eating out and label reading. I encourage you to check out what is available on their site.

Don’t forget about the free CE course: “Staying Cool Under Fire: How Well do you Communicate?” Once you review the course in the magazine, simply follow the instructions to get your CE credit.

As an aside, the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo is fast approaching. It will be held this year Oct. 3 – 6 at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tenn. Both Nutrition Dimension (booth 627) and Nutrition411 (booth 1440) will be there. For those of you attending, I would love to have you visit. It is always a treat to meet our customers in person and get your valued feedback. I look forward to seeing you in Nashville. Happy eating!