The typhoon that hit the Philippines is a tragedy. The extent of destruction is almost too much to comprehend. Along with the physical destruction is the loss of lives and the emotional toll that it takes on individuals, communities and countries. The healing and rebuilding will take a very long time.

Nutrition Dimension and I have a special connection to the Philippines. In a twist of fate, the picture included in the blog (on the Nutrition discussing FNCE, dated October, 29, 2013 is of myself and an RD from the Philippines, Buena Virgith. Every year Buena is at FNCE she seeks me out to chat about nutrition, dietetics, and Nutrition Dimension, as well as find out what is happening in my life. We have developed this relationship over the years as Buena has been using Nutrition Dimension courses in the Philippines to teach nutrition students and practicing RDs for a long time. She is so thankful to have these materials that a number of years ago she sought me out so she could thank me personally and even gave me a gift! I was so touched. That was the beginning of our friendship which has continued to this day.

Virgith’s generosity is, I think, part of the culture of the Philippines. It may be that since the Philippines is too often hit by disaster they have adapted by enjoying life and being upbeat and positive. So please join me in supporting the people of the Philippines in anyway you can. They have a long road ahead to put their lives back together.